Everyone has a story to tell, and I can show you how to turn yours into a book.
As a respected journalist my clients include
The New York Times and Prevention
Today I also utilize my skills as a professional ghostwriter to help people
become published authors for both traditional and self-publishing venues.   
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"Karen Jones is a consummate professional. Her editorial expertise and insight
provided me with a strong path for my book. She is thorough and had the ability
to pick up my tone and make my book sound true to form and cohesive. I would
recommend her to anyone."
-Leslie Tayne, Esq., Author of Life & Debt

"I could not even think about writing a book on the phenomenon of Rock & Roll
music without Karen Jones. Her guidance, professional skills and absolute clear
project management made my two last books the success that they are. Karen's
participation with the creative writing process and her amazing understanding and
patience with development and execution gave my books the taste and depth
needed to achieve my goals. Obviously, I am a Karen Jones fan and I look forward
to my next journey with her.”
-"Cousin Brucie" Morrow Sirius XM Radio, Author of Doo Wop and Rock & Roll

"Karen Jones understands the collaborative nature of ghostwriting and provided the
right 'voice' for my project. Her writing skills are impressive and she understands the
complexities of the book publishing business."
-David Goldman, David Goldman Agency

"Dutchess and I are very grateful to Karen Jones for her expertise and professionalism.
Not only did she co-write the story, but she managed every aspect of the project."
-Mark Condon, Author of A Day with Dutchess: Life Lessons from a Blind Therapy Dog

“If it hadn’t been for Karen Jones, there would be no Cat Calls: Wonderful Stories
and Practical Advice from a Veteran Cat Sitter. Always professional and pleasant to
work with, Karen is focused under pressure, and knows how to manage and execute
the thousands of details that go into producing a great book."
-Susan Logan, Editor of Cat Fancy Magazine, Co-Author of Cat Calls
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